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1.  Aims & Objectives – The aim and objective of registering the travel agent/tour operator is to encourage quality  and
standardization of their services offered to the tourists.
2. Definition – A travel Agency is one which makes arrangement of ticketing, for travel by rail, air, and ship,
passports, visas etc .It may also arrange accommodation, tour entertainment and other tourism related services.
3. Application for registration shall be addressed to The Additional Secretary/ Prescribed Authority, Tourism
Department ,Government of Sikkim, Gangtok
4. The registration  as an approved tour operator shall be  granted by the Department of Tourism , Government of
Sikkim initially for a period of  one year based on  the verification report, recommendations of a Gradation
Committee constituted vide Rule 49 of the Sikkim Registration of Trade Rules, 2008.
5. Application for renewal shall be addressed to The Additional Secretary/ Prescribed Authority, Tourism Department,
Government of Sikkim.
6. The renewal will be granted for one year after inspection conducted by the prescribed committee at the District
level with an application by the tour operator along with the requisite fee and relevant documents.
7. Documents received from the applicant will be scrutinized by the concerned officer. The inspection shall be
conducted by the inspection team.
8. The following conditions must be fulfilled for grant of registration by the Department of Tourism:
i)  The Tour operator has an office with a minimum of two   qualified staff responsible for handling the office
works. He should be well versed with matters related to promotion of tourism. In terms of transport,
accommodation ,currency, custom regulations and general information about travel and tourism related
services with  effective communication skills.ii)  There should be 100% local employment as per qualification and experience. In case of unavailability of
local employees the tour operator should approach the Tourism Department for list of local youths who have
undergone capacity/ skill development programme. Even after procuring these details if the tour operator
fails to identify a suitable person for employment he may be allowed to hire a non-local person  for a
maximum period of one year. The details of employees with their bio-data should be sent to the department
for information. The Department will review the employees list every six months. Tour operators should
employ only local guides, trained and registered with the Department of Tourism, Government of Sikkim.
iii) The minimum office space should be 150 to 200 sq ft. The office should be easily accessible to the tourists
located  within neat and clean environment. The office should have basic facilities required like telephone,
computer, internet , fax machine. There should be enough sitting capacity for the visitors. There should be
space for reception and easy access to the toilet.
iv) Registration will be granted to the head office of the tour operator. Branch office will be approved along
with the head office provided that the details of branch office are submitted to the Department of Tourism,
Government of Sikkim.
v) In order to streamline the tourist traffic and to ensure their safety and to render quality service permits for
restricted and protected areas will only be issued to the tour operators /travel agents registered with the
Tourism Department.
vi) The decision of the Department of Tourism will be final and binding in the matter of registration.

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