Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Birding trip to Thin jhura,Part 2

In the morning i was surpise to see the view of morning sunrise because i haven't heard about it .It was really "wow",first sky changes into orange colour and then sun come out.After breakfast we went for birding to nearby place and we saw many birds including yellow billed blue megpie which is very common in that place.list of bird that we saw there is given at the end.
At nine we started to trek and on the way we saw many birds and even heard the sound of many wildlife.Trekking route was virgin but you woun't get lost ,mark has been given there to show the way.After walking for almost 2 hours not so uphill,its totallyt uphill walk and sometime you have to crawl .I must appreciated Amor from kolkatta friend of karma Tempo for his gut.At around 12:15 we reached the top finally.There is three storeyed tower and walking up stair in that tower make you feel like as if you are going to heaven.We were so excited to reached that hill which took 3 hours walk from Goalitar and the starting place can be seen from that tower.Mt.kanchendzonga was so huge from there and Gangtok town is more beautiful .Well trekking down one of our friend(sameer)got injured in his ankle but he made it.when we reached log house some friend from lal market group whoi choose not to trek offered us tea.

Olive backed pipit...........many time
Rofouse breasted accenture..............many time
White throated laughing thrush.......many time
 Chestnut crowned laughing thrush...many time
Scaly breasted wren babler........once
Rofous sibia....many time
Sparrow time
Serpent time
Yellow billed blue megpie...many time
Rofous napped yuhina......many time
Fire breasted flowerpecker....once
Whiskered yuhina...many time
Yellow checked tit.....once
Khalij pheasent...once
one not identified

Birding Trip to Thin jhura,Part 1

Thin jhura is a hill top located at an altitude of 3360mts.from where one can  see view  of whole gangtok town,Mt.kanchendzonga and tiger hill.Since it is located in the Fabongla wildlife santuary,birding  and trekking to hill top would be  lifetime experience.On friday we got permit to do camping in goali tar and the fees was  not so high,they charged us  Rs.50 per tent,Rs.25 per person as entry fee and Rs.20 for camera.They have even  opened online booking and if you want to book  log of Golitar then you must book in month in advance.
On Saturday at 2pm, we started our journey from Tashi View point and from there it is 5km drive to sanctuary gate.Weather forcast was also not showing good sign  but we were very hopeful.As soon as we reached Fabongla gate ,our car tire got punctured and we had to struggle for at least 15min to replace it because we thought if we left it for tomorrow then it would be difficult to replace after 4hours trekking and we did the right thing.Again it took 20 min walk from gate to Goalitar,carrying all food stuff ,tent and sleeping bag was pretty tiresome .We all were excited for this and for  all  my friend it was there first experience but for me it was a third time,first was in Singba sanctuary,yumthang,second was in Pangthang .Even though it was my third time i haven't pitch tent by myself and i was not sure how to do it.When it was a time to pitch a tent,we checked  tent bag and checked all item first,first we got confused.So i called my friend Madan fro help but got network problem but later we could manage to pitch it our self .when  our tent was ready, Care taker of santuary brought some firewood for camp fire and we gave him Rs.400.By the ,it was already dark and we headed toward log house for dinner for which we have brought cup noddles.There we meet some guys from Lal market,Gangtok and they were there for trekking to Thin jhura and they used to come to place annually.They were very nice and friendly and they even offered us their dinner but we feel not accept first but when they insist us again ,we said ok.Food was awesome and never expected that for dinnner and thats the thing about camping.Afer dinner we did camp fire and went to sleep early.

Birding Trip to Thin jhura,Fabongla wildlife santuary


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