Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eight Lucky Sign of Buddhism

Eight lucky sign is the sign which you can find in almost all the place in Sikkim from monasteries to government building.

1. Dug(parasol)
signifies the shade under which one can have the fortune of escaping from the suffering of the scorching heat of all sort of miseries of world.

like vase of inexhausting treasure,this signifies the fortune of having an inexhausting luxurious wealth of wealth of good health,long life and material wealth.

3.Dhunkar(the conch shell)
signifies the awekening of sentient beings from the state of their ignorance and persauding them towards the path of noble deeds thats are beneficial to self and others.

4.Gyaltsen(victorious banner)
signifies the fortune of having victory of good over the evil force which obstructs the success of noble goals and also the victory of the dharma peached by buddha.

5.Sernya(golden fish)
signifies the ability to swim with ease without any hinderance in the ocean of sansaric world and from happiness to happiness into the water of blissfulness.this also  signifies the two truth-plain and transcendental truth.

like lotus which though grown in the mud remains free from the muddy dirt,this signifies the purity of one's mind and deeds which are free from the dirt of sins,symbol of non attachment.

7.Palbheu(endless knot)
signifies the fortune of complementing every aspect of the life harmoiously to each other such as religion and politics,wisdom and means and of knowledge and compersion.

8.Choeky ki khorlo(wheel of dharma)
signifies the fortune of passing the time of all the sentient being under the blessings of buddha's wheel of dharma being turned eternally  without coming to an end.



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