Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Glimpse of Zuluk,East Sikkim,India.

Name of Place:Zuluk,East Sikkim,India.


Nearest airport:Bogdogra,west Bengal

Nearest Railway station:N.J.P,Weast Sikkim

How far is from Gangtok:3hrs drive.

where can we get permit:Rongli/Gangtok check post.

Things to see in Zuluk:Sun rise view,old silk road,view of Kanchendzonga,lakes,birds wildlife(Red Panda),64 bend turning road and rare birds.

Thing to take:warm clothes.

Photo credit:Guest of Gopal Pradhan's homestay.

Interview with Gopal Pradhan

 Mr. Gopal Pradhan started homastay(Dil Maya retreat) in Zuluk village seven years back in the year 2006 with few domestic tourist especially kolkatta tourist. Last year,the number of tourist who visited that year crossed the mark 1400 and for this year he already received booking till October.Once remote border village now it turned into prosperous village with number of homestay mushrooming since it was open to domestic tourist.Tourist from Punjab,kolkatta,mumbai,Assam and Delhi had already received  the hospitality of Mr.Pradhan's Homestay and feedback can be found all over the online forum.

With no formal education he is running his homestay like a management graduate,creating employment to local youth,  who in future want to open their own homestay.After meeting him my definition of education has  changed,education has nothing to do with success,if you have vision  and put effort to  achieve whatever you have dreamed then success will follow you.

T2S:Mr. Gopal tell us about Zuluk?
GP:Well zuluk is a pictureque village,sort of heaven on earth,its a place where one  can come close to nature.Zuluk is a home to some of the rare birds of Indian subcontinent like Himalayan monal,Blood Pheasant,Satyr Tragopan and so on.Morning here begin with magnificent sun  rise and morning view of Mt.kanchenzonga.64 bend turning is something you would not  see elsewhere.

T2S:When did you started your homestay and why? 
GP:I started ,my  homestay in the year 2006 because earlier some of the homestay here in Zuluk were not able to give good hospitality,so i started my own.

T2S:What type of the tourist come here in Zuluk?
GP:Tourist usually come here to escape from their busy life and want to  be close to nature.They come here  for kanchendzonga view,sunrise view,lakes and for Birds.Most of the bird watcher who come to zuluk stay here for 4-5days.

T2S:How much do you charge for room here in your homestay?
GP:Here we charge Rs.700 per person which include breakfast,lunch and dinner.

T2S:Thats pretty cheap,don't you think?
GP:Yeah.Most of the toursit ask me the same question but i want to make our room affordable to all the tourist.

T2S:Is your family also involved in running homestay?
GP:My whole family is helping me.My son has done his computer course from kolkatta under capacity builiding and now he is looking after all this.

T2S:Tell us about your earlier life?
GP:I have no formal education.Thirty years back i used to work as GREF labour  and then as a tourist vehicle driver and now i own four tourist vehicle and i am an entrepreneur.

T2S:Any information to tourisit who want to visit Zuluk?
GP:Do visit Zuluk,its a beautiful  and peaceful place.Explore the hidden world of Sikkim.And for the bird lover,this is the right time to see some of the rare birds of Indian sub continent,who knows what would happen in future.For information regarding Zuluk tour and booking you can contact me at 9609860266/ 7872883264.


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