Monday, February 25, 2013

Big Bird Day Celebration 2013

Big bird day is a yearly birdwatching event celebrated all over the Indian subcontinent in association with Delhi bird club.This year it was held on 24th feb 2013 , WWFsikkim and sikkim ornithological society in association with delhi bird club observed here at Bulbulay,Gangtok.It was organized for the first time in Sikkim but Delhi bird group has been doing annually since 2004.It was aimed at gathering data about birds from all over the region.Birders form small team ,watch birds in certain area and report the sighting at the end of the day so that it would be complied into a commulative list.

At the wee hour of the morning,birders around gangtok gather here at Ganesh tok for the big bird day celebration.This year they took the trail of Ganesh tok-Hanuman tok and enchey gumpa.Even though weather was unfavorable birders were able to spot 32 species of birds.Next year we are hoping to organise in a bigger scale .Among the the participant were Dr,Partho sarthi gosh,WWF Sikkim,Aishwarya maheshwari,WWF Delhi,Niraj Thapa and Pempa Tsh.Bhutia from SOS,Mr.Santosh sharma from gurukula kangri university doin his PHD on birds of sikkim,Mr.Palden zongpo Bhutia from penlong secondary school,Jiwan dorjee,Shyam bhajgai,Sangay Passang Bhutia and Lok bhadur dorjee all four from Tokal Bermiok,south Sikkim.
List of birds were:
1.Red billed leothrix
2.Rofous sibia
3.oriental turtle dove
4.leaf warbler
5.rofous winged fulvata
6.whiskered yuhina whistling thrush tailed sunbird
9.white capped redstart
10.sparrow hawk tailed sunbird
12.olive backed tit
13.white throated faintail
14.grey headed canary flycather
15.long billed wren babbler
16.large billed crow rock pigeon crow
19.great barbet backed tit
21.whiskered yuhina
22.rofous vented yuhina tailed minla
24.chestnut tailed minla
25.mrs Gould sunbird
26.grey headed canary flycather
27.white spectakle warbler
28.rofous breasted accenture
29.olive backed pipit vented bulbul
31.white browed fulvatta
32.chestnut crowned laughingthrush

Monday, February 11, 2013

wake up to nature by WWF,Sikkim

wake up to nature by WWF,Sikkim

Last week i attended the nature camp organised by WWF in collaboration with CMD(centre for mountain dynamic)at kaliampong from 7th-8th of feb.2013.This was the first time that i  with have attended such camp and it was wonderful experience and it definately change our way of seeing thing and method of teaching.
After three hour journey from Gangtok to kaliampong we were really exhausted and once we reached there we were really surprised to see the place that we were going to spend.The place is 15 minute walk from nearest road and the venue is peaceful and one can hear different sound of birds,perfect for birders.First we had a introduction session and the Mr.Partho gave presentation on bird watching.
On second day birds call from nearby place wake up all the bird watcher and we gather there in the hall and then Mr. Basant and Mr.Partho separated two team of bird watcher . One group headed by Mr.Basant went toward uphill and another group  headed by Mr. Partho went toward downhill.I was with first group and after covering 15 minute radius, we sighted almost 21 birds like great barbet ,green billed mahkola,white creasted laughing thrush,blue throated barbet,asian barred owlet,jungle babbler,lessewr neckleced laughing thrush,oriental white eye,grey headed canary flycather,black creasted bulbul,rofous bellied niltava and many more.After coming from field we had a breakfast then birders helped our team leader to make common check list and it was 23 birds were sighted within 15 minute radius of CMD.The game about nature was played before lunch and after that we again went for butterflly watching in nearby place though we didn't find much birds as compared to birds but we enjoyed a lot.At last we had a session on zero waste management by Miss lha tsheden and it was life changing experience because we never thought that waste can be change into useful things.
There we were short of time and we even could thank WWF member  properly but through blog i would like to thank on behalf of my friends who attended that camp,Thank you very much.


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