Sunday, March 10, 2013

Highland bird survey-II

Meggie that we ate in the kyongsala.

Like last year,this year too members of SOS(Sikkim Ornithological Society) organised highland bird survey to Tsomgu lake and zuluk,East Sikkim on 9th march 2013..It has became the tradition for SOS member to go for highland bird search every year.Last year they did survey of Gurudogmar lake area and lachen and they recorded one the species called Terek sandpiper which was recorded for the first time in sikkim.

This year Niraj sir,Karma sir and myself  voluntar  in the survey and we  were able to record some total of 33 species of highland bird in their list.Among them were Blood Pheasant(male and female),Kalij Pheasant,white winged grossbed,coal tit,Rudy shelduck,upland buzzard,grey creasted tit,mallard,grey wagtail,Eurasian treepcreeper,large billed chow,tufled duck,winter wren,shikar and many more.some of birds  like Pink browed Rosefinch,ruddy shelduck,white browed,winter wren and white winged grosbeak were common in surveyed area.Himalayan monal,national bird of Nepal which is found area like zuluk was in top of the list this time but they could find it because the weather was not in the good mood this time.
 During our visit we  interacted with the locals regarding the status of birds in their area .At last it was a wonderful experience.


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