Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Black Sunday Evening 18/09/2011

An earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter Scale shook the area of ​​sikkim,India on Sunday evening (18/09/2011) at 18:10 local time. The epicenter is located in north sikkim latitude 27.72. longitude 88.06 with a depth of 19.70 kilometer. On that evening  I was chatting with my friend  in facebook and electricity  went off then house start shaking first I thought as usual earthquake but it didn’t stop then I ran to another room where my wife was watching television, I told her not to panic but again I  thought it is not safe to sit inside the room so  I told her to get out of room and stand in the main door as I thought it would  be safe. When we were about to reach door i heard girls screaming and sound of  falling utensils. when we reached the  door I saw neighbour house shaking like as its going to collapse but suddenly it stop. Girls and children start crying “AMA” and all of them start running toward open road and we too ran to road where most of them already reached there. Everybody there in the  road were in panic and after some time they start talking about how they ran from their house  to road and all. Some says “I have never experience this type of earthquake in their lifetime”. I too never experience this type of earthquake in my life and thought for a moment that I wouldn’t survive but God gave me  the  second chance to live my life.Old  man and women start chanting mantras and other were start calling their friends and relatives but network went down.After half an hour quake hit second time but that time we all were in the road .So after that people start running to nearby school ground and sat their in open sky  .After few hour, army personnel came and start putting tent in the ground for all of us and the people of whole town spend their horrible night there in  the ground.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Earthquake that hit sunday night.

The devil was busy shaking my town and guru was busy holding it intact.Was no then Miracle.More than 30 seconds of rigorous shaking and not a single building fell in our place..Gives proof of Guru Rinpoche's presence .OM GURU PADMA SIDHI HUNG.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

sikkim on youtube

                    Video by IBN on the  delicacies and the lifestyle of Sikkim.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

North Sikkim Travel- Yumthang, Lachung, Lachen

North Sikkim Travel- Yumthang, Lachung, Lachen 

North Sikkim Travel: North Sikkim Tour

North Sikkim is probably the most beautiful part of Sikkim Himalaya. Mangan, the district head quarter of North Sikkim, is situated 65 kms away for Gangtok at an altitude of about 4000 ft. North Sikkim has immense potential of nature that includes approx 500 waterfalls, beautiful valleys, glaciers, hot spring, snowcapped Himalayan peaks & various types of rhododendrons & orchids. Some of the important places in North Sikkim are the Yumthang Valley, Lachung Valley, Lachen Valley, Gurudongmar Lake, Zero Point, Katao & Yumasemdong.

North Sikkim- Region Highlights


Yumthang, The Valley of Flowers, is often compared with Switzerland. Yumthang is situated approx 142 km away from Gangtok, at an altitude of 1200 ft. The roadside along with the entire valley is covered with snow during the winter. One can alsosee numerous varieties of Rhododendrons & orchids during March to June. Yumthang is also famous for hot spring & its healing power on the bank of Lachung Chu.
Yumesamdong, another hot spring of North Sikkim on river Sbu Chu, is only 23 kms away from Yumthang. Just beside Yumesamdong there is Donkiyala Pass which connect the valleys of Lachung & Lachen.


Katao Valley is just 24 kms away from Lachung at an altitude of above 15,000 ft. From Katao one can see the snowcapped peaks of Himalaya & beautiful valleys covered with rhododendron. Katao also remains covered with ice most of the time.


Lachung a small hamlet of North Sikkim is situated at an altitude of 8200 ft. 120 kms away from Gangtok. Lachung is only 25 kms away from Yumthang. A full day excursion to Yumthang valley can be a life time experience to any guest.


Lachen is another small hamlet of North Sikkim situated about 125 away from Gangtok, at an altitude of 9000 ft. higher than Lachung. Lachen is famous for its apple plantation & beautiful valley. There are many trekking routs from Lachen leads to some beautiful place like Green Lake. Gurudongmar Lake at an altitude of 14000 ft. along with the Chopta Valley is some of the important places that can be covered from Lachen.

Gurudongmar Lake:

Gurudongmar Lake is situated approx 50 kms away from Lachen at an altitude of 18,000 ft. The lake is on a high plateau adjacent to the Tibetan plateau. Gurudongmar is considered one of the most sacred lakes in Sikkim by the Buddhists as well as the Hindus. According to the Buddhists’ belief the lake is blessed by Gurudongmar Padmasamvava & it remains milky through out the year. Even in the extreme cold a part of the lake does not freeze. The lake is named after him, who was also known as Guru Dongmar. This is the source of Lachen Chu, an important stream in North Sikkim. Gurudongmar offers some magnificent views of Mt. Siniolchu & a very close view of Mt. Kanchandzonga, the world’s third highest peak.
Tso Lhamu is another important lake just 9 kms from Gurudongmar Lake at an altitude of almost 16,500 ft. it is the source of river Tista & also offers beautiful view of surrounding valleys.

Chopta Valley:

Chopta Velley is an unexplored destination of North Sikkim at an altitude of 13,300 ft. During the seson of spring the entire valley blooms with rhododendrons & varieties of orchids.
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