Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Black Sunday Evening 18/09/2011

An earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter Scale shook the area of ​​sikkim,India on Sunday evening (18/09/2011) at 18:10 local time. The epicenter is located in north sikkim latitude 27.72. longitude 88.06 with a depth of 19.70 kilometer. On that evening  I was chatting with my friend  in facebook and electricity  went off then house start shaking first I thought as usual earthquake but it didn’t stop then I ran to another room where my wife was watching television, I told her not to panic but again I  thought it is not safe to sit inside the room so  I told her to get out of room and stand in the main door as I thought it would  be safe. When we were about to reach door i heard girls screaming and sound of  falling utensils. when we reached the  door I saw neighbour house shaking like as its going to collapse but suddenly it stop. Girls and children start crying “AMA” and all of them start running toward open road and we too ran to road where most of them already reached there. Everybody there in the  road were in panic and after some time they start talking about how they ran from their house  to road and all. Some says “I have never experience this type of earthquake in their lifetime”. I too never experience this type of earthquake in my life and thought for a moment that I wouldn’t survive but God gave me  the  second chance to live my life.Old  man and women start chanting mantras and other were start calling their friends and relatives but network went down.After half an hour quake hit second time but that time we all were in the road .So after that people start running to nearby school ground and sat their in open sky  .After few hour, army personnel came and start putting tent in the ground for all of us and the people of whole town spend their horrible night there in  the ground.



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