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West district is in the western side of sikkim sharing international border with Nepal.West sikkim is famous for dzongri trekking,century old monasteries and world famous kechopari lake. The headquater of west district is geyzing and it is well connected by road.The most famous destination for tourist in west sikkim is pelling which is 7 km from  geyzing situated at an altitude of 6840feet(2300m)in the hill top.In west sikkim Bsnl ,Airtel and Vodafone  cover most part  of the area.In west sikkim you can  find many hotels and lodges ranging from budget to luxury hotel.

1. Dzongri trekking
2.Bird watching

3.Monastic tour
6.Mountain biking
7.Village walk and many .....


Pelling is situated at an altitude of 6840feet(2300mts.) and it is one of the favourite destination for both  the foreign as well as domestic tourist because of its prime location in west sikkim.Pelling is173 km from siliguri and 90km from gangtok.It is well connected by road and the nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri Station and the nearest airport is Bagdogra airport.the view of mt.kanchendzonga from pelling is breathtaking.From  Pelling  one can go to
Pemayantse monatery(2km),
Rabdentse palasce(3km)


Saga chelling monastery(1km),
Kanchendzonga waterfall(15km),
Kechepari lake20km),
Singsor bridge and then
In pelling you can many hotels ranging from standard to luxury.

2.Pemayantse monastery:
Pemayantse monastery is 2km from pelling and it is one of the important monastery of nyingma order built in late 17th century.

3.Rabdentse palace
Rabdentse is 3km from Pelling and it is the second capital of sikkim established in the late sevententh century by the second Chogyal of Sikkim.Rabdentse palace is in ruin and it was abandone toward the end of eighteenth century because of threat of nepali's attack and then shifetd to tumlong.

4.sanga chelling monastery
sanga chelling is just 1km from pelling and it is considered one of the oldest monastery in sikkim.

5.Kenchendzonga waterfall
This waterfall is 15km from pelling .

6.Singsor bridge
This suspension bridge is 25km from pelling toward uttery.

7.Khechopari lake
Kechopari lake is also called wish fulfilling lake situated at an altitude of 1780 feet on the road between Pelling and Yuksum and it is 20km from pelling.water in this lake is crystal clear and not even a single leaf can be seen and it is believed that birds come and pick leaves from lake.

Yuksum is 33km from Pelling and from here one can start trekking to  dzongri .Yuksum is also the first capital of sikkim and the  first king was consecrated by three great lamas here in yukum.Nearby yuksum is dubdi monastery which is the oldest monastery of sikkim.In Yuksum you can find good hotels and restaurents.


Dzongri is  10hours walk and it is nearly 26km from yuksum.there is motorable road upto yuksum and from there you have to walk.from dzongri view of mountain range is heavenly.

10.Famrong waterfall
It is on the way to tashiding from yuksum and its 10 km from tashiding.


11.Tashiding Monastery
Tashiding monastery is another important monastery of Nyingma Order and it was built in 1717 by Nadak Sampa Chembo during the reign of third chogyal Chakdor Namgyal.Tashiding is 19km from Yuksum and this monastery is famous bumchu(secred water)held every 14th and 15th of first month of tibetan calender.


Hee-Bermiok is a rural village where you can experience the village life of sikkim.They organised festivals once in a year.
13.Barsey Rhododendron sentuary
14.Kanchendzonga national park and biosphere reserve and many more to explore....


1.Mt.Pandim Hotel........Pelling,West-Sikkim
2.Famrong Hotel.........Pelling,West-Sikkim
3.Tashi Gang Hotel.......Yuksum,West-Sikkim

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