Sunday, October 31, 2010


Little is know about the ancient history of sikkim.It believe that ,the lepcha tribes that belongs to the clan of the nagas of the mikir,garo and khasi hills which lie to the of the Bramaputra valley were the earlier inhabitant of Sikkim.They were very peace loving people and they worship mother nature.The  Tibetan(later called them bhutias)migrated to sikkim around 17th century because of conflict of ''Red Head and Yellow Hat'' in Tibet.Later Bhutia attained the status of aristocracy and convert these lepchas''worshiper of mother nature''to Buddhism.In 1642,the fifth generation desedent of Guru Tashi,Phuntsog Namgyal was consecrated as the first Denjong Gyalpo or the Chogyal(king)of Sikkim by the three great lama who came from north,west and south to yuksom norbugang,west sikkim.The event was as predicted by Guru Rinpoche some eight hundred years before.Their dynasty ruled sikkim for over 300 years.Later in 1975,sikkkim merged with India and became 22nd state of indian union.

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