Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sikkim Snow Fest 2012

                                                 Sikkim Snow Fest 2012

Travel agent of sikkim(TAAS) and Sikkim Tourism is going to organise Sikkim Snow Fest 2012 from 19th january to 27 february 2012.Some of the activities of this festival are:

•           Mountain Biking Race.
•           Trekking.
•           Hiking.
•           Camping.
•           Angling.
•           Skiing.
•           Bird watching.
•           Rock Climbing.
•           Butterflies Watching.
•           Rafting.
•           Treasure Hunt.


Convention and Exhibition:

  • Conventions: Tour Operators.
  • Conference
  • Photography Contest
  • Painting Exhibition.
  • Handicraft Exhibition.
  • Mountaineering Equipment Displays & Sale.
  • Sale Counters.
  • Music Fest.
  • Fashion

Tour Activities:
1.Cultural Activities.
2.Food Festival.
3.Tea Tourism.
5.Yak Ride.
6.Heli Ride.
7.Yak & Singhi Walk in M.G.Mar

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  1. the beautiful landlocked tiny hilly destination,sikkim that mean new home or happy home, just go and enjoy with your happy family and enjoy the tradition and culture of sikkim and play with snow



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