Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tandong Hill

Tandong  hill is the  highest hill top of sikkim,located at an altitude of 8530ft surrounded by lush green forest .Trekking to this hill top is possible from Damthang,south -sikkim.Every year many local people and people from nearby state trek to this hill in the month of april to enjoy the panaromic view of plains and mountain ranges.Historically, this has been a place of recluse for Buddhist Lamas who spend years in meditation amidst the silent scenic grandeur
Tandong in lepcha language means "the upraised horn ".As per the local legend,Tandong hill rescued the lepchas from the flood.Even now, the Hill is regarded as a benefactor and people pray to the hill every year on the 8th of august(tandong- lo -ram -fat) to keep them away from the calamity of flood always.

Trekking to this hill would be spiritual as well as adventurous experience.

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