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Famous place to visit in sikkim by indifest.

 Famous Place to visit in sikkim by Indifest

Phodong Monastery

Earlier we have discussed that Sikkim is a place which has ruined over by Buddhism.
The place has great influence of the ethics of Buddhism. Local people there follow the
culture and tradition of the religion. There are six major monasteries in Sikkim.
Phodong monastery is one of the most famous monasteries in Sikkim. The Gompa is
situated in the 38 kms from Gangtok main town. It is one of the most essential monasteries
as it serves the religious purpose of the state. Recently, the monastery has been renovated in
new architectural design.

Phensang Monastery

Phensang monastery is also another must visit place among tourists. The Gompa
is situated on the very smooth slope which stretches from Kabi to Hodong and is
known as the best viewpoint in entire Sikkim. According to history, the monastery
was built in 1721. The place offers a pleasant feel to all the visitors and it is said that
it looks more beautiful in the monsoon.  Reportedly, the Gompa was destroyed by
foreign invaders but was rebuilt in 1948. All the lamas of that time took initiative to
rebuild the monastery.


Chungthang is a very beautiful place for trekking. The place follows Lachen and
Lachung Chu. The way meets the starting point of River Teesta. The nature has
blessed the place with all sorts of natural amenities. The Rocky Mountains and
the green dense forests have increased its beauty. The place is quite popular among
the trekkers and also with the people who are interested in mountaineering courses.
Here you can find some of the happening spots of rock climbing. Chungthang also
follows in the North sub divisional zone of Sikkim. The place is considered as the
junction for the two most famous passes of Sikkim. These passes are respectively;
Lachen and Lachung Chu. The valley has also a historical importance as it is to be
said that the place has been visited by Guru Rimpoche. Some find the foot and palm
print in the rock of the famous guru. Chungthang is also very famous for different Orchids,
Plants and Wildlife. The place is situated at the distance of 95 kms from Gangtok. It comes
under the Lepcha region

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