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Homestay in Sikkim

Homestay in Sikkim

Homestay  in sikkim provide  you comfortable homely stay, homemade food (definitely the best way to experience local cuisine), local culture (unlike typical hotel accommodations) while having your privacy as well. Living with local people is the best way to learn local language and sikkimeses culture.share your holiday with a host family,who will host and guide you in discovery of their rites,culture and believes.sikkim is rich in activities.whether you seek for adventure or inter philosophy.Homestay in sikkim will organize your activities during your stay in sikkim.Explore the local trekking trail and the experience the village life during your stay in  sikkim.

some of the best homestay in sikkim run by sikkimese.

Bon farmhouse welcomes you to Sikkim for “back to nature” experience of staying in a typical village farm ambience of Sikkim in Kewzing Village with a Bonpo Family. The Farmhouse stay is different from a typical hotel or a resort mainly because you can enjoy the comforts of a homely environment the best part being all meals prepared from freshly grown organic vegetables from the nearby fields.

The farmhouse has rich livestock inventory for providing fresh milk and eggs for a healthy and nutritious meal. The Farmhouse has an area of four acres of cultivated fields, tea gardens and six acres of lush green cardamom forest surrounding the Farmhouse making your stay relaxing and peaceful amidst the natural village atmosphere promising a nice breakaway from the din and bustle of daily life.

2.                     Mayal Lyang,Dzongu,North-Sikkim.

Dzongu lies in Sikkim, in North-East India. It consists of beautiful mountains covered with forests, interspersed with villages, and a river that is the very life line of the people living here. It is not your ideal hill station however. Far from it. It is a rather large area of Sikkim, reserved for the original inhabitants of Sikkim, the Lepcha people. The Lepchas live here as a part of the nature all around them. And so they have lived from time immemorial.
Nestled amongst the trees is Mayal Lyang, a beautiful house  for a homestay. Mayal Lyang means the ‘Hidden Land’ or ‘Land blessed by God’ in the Lepcha language. A small walk around the place will explain why we chose to call it so. Untouched by the tourist hustle bustle, this place has hidden treasures behind every other tree. Life here moves at its own pace. You tend to forget what it was back at your place.

A short walk takes you to the Rongyung Chu river. Sit by the river angling or doing nothing at all! Relax and enjoy the pure mountain air, eat the food we grow here, and understand our way of life. Understand how the nature all around our home is a part of us. Trek these almost untouched mountains, meditate in the monasteries or simply enjoy the views of the great Mt. Konchendzonga.
Find your peace at Dzongu.


  1. I have never been to sikkim...would love to visit sometime...

  2. want to visit sikkim...na jaane kab hoga

  3. liked the post...:)
    do visit mine ..

  4. Nice...I've stayed at Mayal Lyang for 3 days, an unforgettable experience! I would recommend the homestay anyday, for a close encounter with the mountains. And to hear the sound of the Rongyung Chi at your window, its priceless!

  5. thank you all for your lovely comment.....

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  7. Being a south Indian would like to explore East Indian specially Sikkim.

  8. Nice Post, We appreciate it.
    For best accommodation experience stay in a Homestay In Yangang Sikkim


  9. Wonderful homestay experience in Sikkim I want to go again there just to experience that. :)



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