Monday, August 22, 2011

sikkim(final part) by composed volcano.

Sikkim (final part) by composed volcano

View of the Kanchenjunga from Rinchenpong(pic credit: Varsha / Ranjit)
Rinchenpong also boasts of the old-world but absolutely striking Rinchengpong monastery. The local sightseeing also includes the Poison Lake and the Heritage House. Rinchenpong begs you stay for at least two days and that’s what we did. Our last leg of travel included visiting a bit of West Sikkim which prides itself about Pelling. Pelling offers splendid views of the Kanchenjunga range. At Pelling you can also visit the Khecheopalri Lake (a sacred lake to the Tibetans and Buddhists) and the Singshore Bridge (the second largest hanging bridge in Asia).
Young Monks at the Rinchengpong Monastery(pic cerdit: Varsha / Ranjit)

Local sight-seeing at Rinchenpong took us to the quaint but absolutely beautiful Rinchengpong monastery, the Poison Lake (yes that’s the lake’s name) and the Heritage House. West Sikkim also boasts of Pelling, a small town hamlet that also offers magnificent views of the Kanchenjunga peak.

Khecheopalri Lake(pic cerdit: Varsha / Ranjit)
The Singshore bridge(pic cerdit: Varsha / Ranjit)
All good things must come to an end and our trip certainly was coming to an end, you know that when you have just about enough money to cover your travel back home. But that does not mean its goodbye to the North-East. We have to come back travel some more, perhaps next time it will be Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya…(should start planning now…perhaps :) )
Places to see
•    Rumtek Monastary
•    Nathula Pass
•    Rinchengpong and Pelling (great views of the Himalayan range)
Things to do
•    Buying the local masks some made out of bamboo roots
•    Alpine cheese (gouda cheese)
•    Drinking beer (Dansberg and Hit!)
How to get there:
Air : Closest airport is Bagdogra which is appx. 5 hrs drive away from Gangtok (Sikkim’s capital). You can also take a helicopter ride from Bagdogra to Gangtok provided you get seats!
Rail :  2 Railway stations are Siliguri (114 kms.) and New Jalpaiguri (125 kms.) from both these places you can drive to Gangtok which takes roughly around 4-5 hours.

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