Saturday, July 23, 2011

check list of sikkim birds.

Sikkim is one of the smallest state of Indian union with area of 7096 state was divided into six zones based on vegetation types and altitudes.   Sikkim has  a total of 574 species belonging to 253 genera and 55 families under 16 avian orders.

check list of birds of Sikkim:

1.Snow Partridge
2. Tibetan Snowcoc
3.Himalayan Snowcoc
4. Hill Partridge
5. Rufous-throated Partridg
6. Chestnut-breasted Partridg
7. Blood Pheasant
 8.Satyr Tragopan
9. Blyth’s Tragopa
10. Himalayan Monal and  for more visit--

Biodiversity of Sikkim - Exploring and Conserving a Global Hotspot

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