Friday, July 29, 2011

Gurudogmar Lake

Panoramic view of Gurudongmar Lake

Located at an altitude of 5,210m , this is the biggest glacial lake located in the northern district of Sikkim.Gurudogmar lake is the second highest lake in sikkim ,second to cho lamu and ranked 15th  in world.It lies in the north district of Sikkim,India,only 5 km from chinese border.It is the source of the stream Chhombo chhu, which ultimately meets another stream flowing from Tsho Lhamo and together forms the Teesta River. This wetland is also considered as one of the most sacred lakes of the state because it was blessed by Guru Padmasambhava.Due to the extremely inhospitable terrain and difficulties associated with reaching the place,visitors having breathing problem is not advisable. Biking to this adventurous terrain  would be life time experiance.and many bikers have been riding to the lake due to its adventurous terrain.For glimpse of of the rides check

for more pictures of gurudogmar....check GURUDOGMAR PICS.

           highest lake


  1. excellent pic at the top...
    can you write it in some more detail to help prospective travellers??

  2. thank you for your comment.i will definately write more in coming days....keep visiting.



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