Tuesday, July 12, 2011



If you are in Gangtok and  want to explore the beauty of gangtok in the morning and want to capture  the morning life of gangtokian then you should book your hotel somewhere in the M.G marg or Tibet road or  Kazi road.Morning life in gangtok start quite early as compare to Indian metropolian city. The best time  to start  your morning walk in Gangtok would be around 5:30am,just wake up and gear up yourself to enjoy the beauty of gangtok.Just take the  round of White hall,Ridge park,Tshulakhang palace and down to M.G marg and start your day with cup of coffee and newspaper at Baker's cafe or cafe live and loud or Gangtalk restaurent.

M.G Marg,Gangtok,Sikkim.

Ridge park,Gangtok,Sikkim.

White Hall,Gangtok,Sikkim.

Tshuklakhang palace.

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  1. It's interesting to visit Gangtok once again, virtually this time, on the occasion of the first anniversary of my actual visit! I loved Gangtok when I visited it last year. I wrote a few blogs too on my visit.



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